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How do our Affiliate Supporters manage capital as a ‘force for good’?

In the run up to our Social Investment Academy on the 29th November 2017, we asked our affiliate supporters how capital managed through their funds is a force for good and this is what they said…

“The Columbia Threadneedle UK Social Bond Fund is run in partnership with Big Issue Invest (BII), the social investment arm of Big Issue, aiming to deliver positive social benefits via a traditional investment-grade corporate bond fund structure. It does this by investing in only those bonds that have a clear focus on achieving or supporting positive outcomes for society, operating in areas such as housing, employment, education, transport and health.”



Foresight Solar Fund Limited (FSFL) invests into a portfolio of large scale UK solar assets that generate renewable energy.  For the period 1st January 2017 to 30th June 2017 the assets owned by the company generated 223.5 gigawatts of electricity, sufficient to power approximately 67,716 UK homes.”



“We created the Henderson Global Care Growth Fund because we believe the best investment returns will be generated by companies which are providing solutions to environmental and social challenges such as climate change, resource constraints, population growth and ageing demographics. These businesses should exhibit capital growth by having products or services that enable positive change, thereby helping develop a sustainable global economy. We also consciously avoid investing in businesses causing social or environmental harm.”


“The Resonance West Midlands SITR Fund is dedicated to tackling poverty and disadvantage in the West Midlands through investment in high impact, mission driven social enterprises. Incorporating the Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) means the Fund can offer affordable, flexible growth capital, enabling social enterprises to scale their business and deliver a more transformational social impact – whether that be supporting ex-offenders or tackling food poverty.”



“Lending requires an in-depth review of the corporate bond issuers’ health and sustainability and fund managers typically do this by focusing on conventional fundamental credit research. With the Sarasin Responsible Bond Fund, however, analysis of social, environmental and governance risks is also completed to avoid borrowers that behave irresponsibly, not just towards their lenders, but to other stakeholders such as customers, staff, local communities and the environment.”



“How and where we invest our money defines the world we want to live in. The Triodos Sustainable Pioneer Fund invests in innovative and ground-breaking pioneer businesses that aim to safeguard our planet and improve quality of life. From creating alternative heart valves to energy efficient installations or new types of packaging, these companies illustrate that investing can be a force for good.”



“WHEB’s mission is to advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments. Through the WHEB Sustainability Fund we only invest in companies that are solving some of the greatest sustainability challenges whilst creating prosperity for generations to come. We report on this impact and have been recognised by the B Lab, an independent non-profit organisation, as ‘creating the most positive impact for customers’.”

Want to hear more about what they have to say and have your chance to ask the tough questions? Book your ticket to the Social Investment Academy today. NB. Draft agenda and speaker details now available.

More to come… Look out for how discretionary fund managers manage capital as a force for good – coming soon!

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