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The Spectrum of Capital

We believe the 'spectrum of capital' helps as a frame of reference. It presents the 'impact economy’ by mapping the relevant financial and social goals aligned with the varying investment approaches on a continuum.

Investment approach` Traditional Responsible Sustainable Impact Driven Philanthropy
Financial goals Deliver competitive risk-adjusted financial returns Tolerate higher risk Tolerate below market returns Partial capital preservation Accept full loss of capital
Impact goals   Avoid harm and mitigate ESG risks
    Benefit all stakeholders
      Contribute to solutions
Don’t consider
May have significant negative outcomes for people and the planet
Avoid harm
Try to prevent significant effects on important negative outcomes for people & planet
Effect important positive outcomes for various people and the planet
Contribute to solutions
Have a material effect on important positive outcome(s) for underserved people or the planet
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Thanks to: UK National Advisory Board On Impact Investing, 2017 & Impact Management Project, 2017

[*] A defined universe of collective impact investments e.g. OEIC, Investment Trust, REIT and Unit Trust, registered for sale in the UK, with an ‘ethical', ‘sustainable', ‘ESG', ‘SRI’ or ‘social impact' objective

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