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Put worth into wealth

Our online tool helps financial advisers to understand the impact of a fund based on five key measures. We look much further than ESG screening so you can really see under the label, answer all your client’s questions and make informed decisions.

  • Easy and quick to use
  • Codified and visual – digestible and engaging for clients
  • Independent and impartial – coverage of funds based on impact criteria – not ‘pay to play’
  • Based on a robust and rigorous methodology overseen by a panel of experts
  • Analysing the broadest range of funds (over 450 in total)
  • Current and dynamic ratings updated quarterly

Our five key measures to score a fund:

1. Positive impact

We rate a fund’s contribution towards positive social and environmental outcomes by mapping underlying company revenues against the investable UN Sustainable Development Goals to articulate impact.

2. Active Agent

We assess asset managers based on their actions across four components to measure level of commitment to stewardship, active engagement and transparency.

3. Avoidance of harm

Scores are based on the extent of a fund’s exposure to stocks commonly associated with harmful environmental and social impacts and poor governance practices.

4. ESG

Operational impact measuring the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices and opportunities associated with a fund’s underlying holdings, providing insight into resilience to long-term, financially-material ESG risks.

5. Carbon Risk

The material financial risk associated with a fund due to the implications of projected environmental policies and transitional and physical impacts of climate change.

We use these measures to provide a composite Worthstone rating to show you the impact at-a-glance.

“Nothing else matches the level of analysis and reporting of Worthstone’s Impact Portal. We’re able to demonstrate clearly to clients the positive impact their money makes.”

Murray McEwan MA CFP
Director, Flowers McEwan
Murray McEwan is a financial planner who uses the Worthstone Impact Portal to build portfolios that truly align with clients’ investment objectives.