A proud B-Corp

We sound like we wear socks with sandals, but what footprint do we leave?

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In 2020, to mark our 10th anniversary, we became a Certified B Corporation and a year later we were awarded the ‘best for the world’ accolade for Governance which means we’re in the top 5% of B Corps of our size globally. In 2023, we passed and improved our score in our B Corp re-certification assessment.

B Corps are companies that value purpose as much as profit – promoting a ‘better’ way of doing business and helping build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

To become a B Corp:

we have been certified
by the non-profit B Lab
as meeting rigorous
standards of social
and environmental
accountability and

we amended our
constitution to make it
a legal requirement to
consider the effects of its decisions, and the way we do business, on all stakeholders

we committed to
re-certify as a B Corp
every three years

Download our latest Impact Report 2023

Whilst we might be a micro-business, we believe we have can have a macro-impact!

We’re a small and simple business so to scale our impact we need to look beyond how we operate (although we like to think we run ourselves like any good B Corp should – more of that in the report). We aim to achieve an expansive impact with what we do.

What impact do we make? Here we turn the mirror on ourselves…

In becoming a B Corp, we join the 3,000+ B Corps across
the globe, including:

who are all helping drive the shift towards a new economy, that is better for workers, better for communities and better for the environment.

“Our vision is to see impact embraced
as a valued metric in every investment
decision. We are the first independent
specialist to be focused exclusively
on delivering sustainable and impact
investment support to the financial
planning community. So, it felt like a
natural fit with our own values, and
those of our partners, to be certified as a B-Corp.

“Our business is assessing the social and environmental performance of funds on the impact investment spectrum, we’re subjecting ourselves to the same independent, transparent and rigorous scrutiny to ensure we continually challenge ourselves and maintain the high standards we expect from others.

“Becoming a B-Corp helps us
demonstrate to our partners and the
wider Worthstone community, that

we’re doing more than just talking. It’s a way of demonstrating to them what
type of business we are, the values we
represent and the collective goals that
we want to achieve.

“And as a Certified B-Corp we’re more dedicated and accountable than ever. We’re now legally obliged to consider the impact of our decisions on all our stakeholders, not just our shareholders. Every year we’ll be reporting on the impact we’ve achieved, and every three years we have to recertify, so we (and our stakeholders) will be able to track
our progress.

“It’s a big commitment for a small
business, but one I believe is fundamentally important to keep us true to our mission to see impact investment become the investment style of choice for UK financial advisers.”

Gavin Francis, founder and CEO of Worthstone