We equip financial advisers with the tools they need to construct impact investing portfolios that truly align with their clients’ investment objectives.

When a client says they want
to do good with money,

how do you
make sure it happens?

Impact investing portfolio construction

Impact Investing allows you to make a positive return for wealth and world. It’s not just about screening out; it’s about intentionally placing capital where there’s a need.

Put simply, it allows you to invest in companies that generate the most positive impact and do the least harm.

We equip financial planners with the tools to look beneath the label of a fund, ensure capital really is doing good and prove it with robust data.

How do we help financial planners look beneath the label of a fund?

The short answer is through our Impact Portal – an online tool for financial advisers to quickly and easily gauge (as well as compare) the impact of a fund based on five key measures (of which ESG is just one).

iPad browsing the Impact Portal

The long answer is that we combine a decade of experience and knowledge with ongoing research, analysis and input from our community of financial planners to refine a tool that lets you look beneath the label of an investment to see the full picture.

“Clients now feel like they have a voice with their investments; it’s very empowering for them and hugely satisfying for us.”

Martin Bamford
Director of Client Relations, Informed Choice

November 2022

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