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Market Update: Major market report, new #impinv fund and a behavioural finance research

We’ve done the legwork for you and here are 3 news-worthy items to keep you up to date on the latest sector news:

    • Nobel Prize winner Richard H. Thaler recently won “for his contributions to behavioural economics”, here’s a topical paper released here for the first time focusing on impact investing from a behavioural economic viewpoint. Read Tribe’s Investing for real people: Three ways to improve your returns.
    • It’s great to see a key player, Barclays Bank, enter the sector with a new impact investing fund, albeit restricted to their own clients at present. The new fund “offers retail and institutional investors the opportunity to generate long-term capital growth, whilst also making a positive impact on social and environmental issues.” We’ll be keeping an eye on how the capital is deployed and keep our subscribers up to date.
    • A major market report publishing the findings and recommendations of the Advisory Group to UK government on how the Financial Services market can engage with retail investors in the field of social impact investment will be published on the 13th November. The UK government set up the advisory group in 2016 and we’ve been privileged to be involved at the core of this work with many senior figures from key market participants across the value chain of the investment market. You can hear more from the Chair of the Advisory Group, Elizabeth Corley, as she delivers the keynote at the Social Investment Academy on the 29th Nov.

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