Portfolio Impact Reporting Tool

Paint a picture of how your client’s portfolio is making a positive impact.

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  • Sustainability Impact TM
  • Sustainability Mixed Goals TM
  • Sustainability Focus TM
  • Sustainability Improvers TM

Our community of financial planners told us it would be useful to show clients the consolidated impact of a portfolio of funds.

The Portfolio Impact Reporting Tool does just this.

By codifying key sustainability aspects across portfolios, we bring data sources together and present them with storytelling graphics to help you paint a picture of how your client’s portfolio is making a positive impact (and compare it using benchmarks to more traditional investment approaches).

This is a white-label product so you can re-brand to include your firm logo.

“The portfolio reporting tool generates a bespoke report for clients to show the aggregate impact of the whole portfolio in a clear and visual way. Our clients really like it, plus it saves us time and sets us apart.”

Paul Hearnden
Director, Hearnden Associates
Paul Hearnden is a financial planner who uses the Worthstone portfolio reporting tool to create bespoke impact investment reports for clients.

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