Portfolio Impact Reporting Tool

Select funds and generate a bespoke portfolio impact report for your clients 

What is the PIR?

Worthstone’s Portfolio Impact Reporting (PIR) tool enables you to report the aggregate impact metrics on your selection of funds (≤ 20) from the Worthstone Impact Portal and generate a bespoke impact report for your clients.

A one minute watch below:

What else does the PIR offer you?

  • Indicative market benchmarks (composites of the underlying asset allocation)
  • Positive impact and SDG revenue breakdown
  • Harmful product involvement 
  • Portfolio carbon intensity
  • Portfolio overview
  • Ability to save and return to pre-designed portfolios
  • White labelling
  • Worthstone ratings and scores

If you are interested in learning more about Worthstone’s PIR, please contact the team at impact@worthstone.co.uk or Book Demo