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Alfie Mullan: Why I’m attending the Social Investment Academy

As I see it – life ain’t always fair.  You can work hard, have good intentions and the like, but sometimes that doesn’t cut it.  I feel immensely fortunate and privileged to have the life I have and I know my clients all feel the same, whatever their story and whatever their struggle. 

I also believe that investments are boring – important, but boring. 

What Social Impacting Investing and the Worthstone team does, is make it their goal to look out for those less fortunate and generally do good in the world.  They also make investments interesting.  They make me care about where our money is going and how many people it can touch.  They keep me and my generation interested in a boring concept.  They make me feel like I am making a difference, whilst keeping my own ambitions on track. 

I’m investing my time in attending the Social Investment Academy because I will always and forever be an advocate of investing for the greater good, because so many people in my life have invested in me for my greater good.  I owe it to everyone.

Alfie Mullan APFS – Co-Founder | Chartered Financial Planner

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