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How to offer SITR advice to your clients.

We’ve discussed in previous blogs how Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) will be of interest to your clients and how it will affect your practice risk. Now we address the most important question for change: how do we implement it effectively? Fortunately, the Worthstone platform exists specifically to equip financial planners and advisers with everything they need to advise on social impact investment, and the related Social Investment Tax Relief products. Whilst this new area of advice is exciting and thought leading, we are also aware it will take an investment of your time to talk through the process with your compliance people and possibly your PI insurer.

At the Social Investment Academy in May 2014, a PI broker presented and said it was important to treat your PI insurer in the same way as a client:

  • Keep them up to speed with developments
  • Explain where this area of advice fits
  • Explain the process you have in place to ensure you meet client needs
  • Explain how you intend to document the client’s requirements.

The Social Investment Academy, run by Worthstone, is a forum for top tier financial planners, investment providers and key market participants. It provides an opportunity for attendees to be updated on developments in the social investment arena, and facilitates an invaluable exchange of views between those who are committed to the advancement of this sector. It’s accredited by the professional bodies to provide you with CPD, focusing on helping to inform and equip the adviser with the relevant tools to implement this area of advice within their practice.

Alongside the Social Investment Academy, Worthstone provides an independent product review service exclusively focused on social impact investment and SITR. This is a paid subscription service designed to help you navigate this area of investment.