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Highlights from Impact Investment Academy 2023

The last decade has seen significant changes to the industry and to the nature of sustainable investing itself. We want to thank you for your own contribution to these exciting developments.

At this year’s Academy we reflected on the progress over the last 10 years, what lessons we’ve learnt to enable us to recalibrate and position ourselves to meet the next challenges emerging on the horizon.

During one of the sessions, Steve Watters from Paradigm Norton spoke about the benefits of starting a dialogue about engagement practices with asset managers. We would like to ask you to consider this too. Click here to access some questions which we think may be some of the most insightful ones to ask. By doing so, you will be collaborating with other advisers. We will keep in touch to update you on our collective action.

Impact Investment Academy Programmes

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About us

Worthstone is an independent B Corp. For a decade, we’ve been helping financial advisers walk the talk. Why? Because done right, impact investment means returns for everyone.

Through our pioneering Impact Portal, our comprehensive rating system examines all aspects of impact investment giving advisers the full picture so they can make sure their clients’ money is doing exactly what they’d intended.