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Join us on this exciting journey

Written by Gavin Francis

Honestly, my first reaction was….”Is this a mistake…are we really amongst the best in the B Corp world?!” 

Whether or not we are I don’t know, but we do earnestly focus on ensuring we prioritise matters of good governance, so it’s great for the team to receive this acknowledgement of our efforts.  

Whilst I understand that this is a significant achievement, I feel more privileged to be part of a team that have all contributed to achieving this recognition for being one of the top 5% of B Corps in our size group worldwide. 

As I previously wrote in our “Celebrating 10 years” blog we aim to subject ourselves to the same independent, transparent and rigorous scrutiny to ensure we continually challenge ourselves to maintain the highest standards we expect from others. This remains the same in all that we do! 

It is especially encouraging as I consider the B Corp community to be at the vanguard of a new frontier in the corporate world. I’m excited that we are part of this influential movement of positive change makers.

You too could be part of this inspiring movement: do join us on this exciting journey! 

Gavin Francis
Founder and Director


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