Are you a revenue driven financial adviser?

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Are you a revenue driven financial adviser? Here are a few reasons you should be offering social investment as an option for your clients.

Captures all the ‘revenue on the table’

  • Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) has been introduced and some clients will want to know about all the government incentives to invest tax efficiently
  • Media coverage of SITR will increase and clients will hear about it, if you don’t answer their questions they may go elsewhere.

 Puts you at the forefront of the ‘next big thing’

  • Social investment demand is forecast to reach £1bn by 2016
  • 2015 provides the opportunity to be a thought leader.

Enhances your ability to win more clients

  • A true differentiator for your business
  • Demonstrates your ability to cover a comprehensive range of advice options for high net worth individuals
  • Evidences a caring firm culture
  • Profiles a firm as innovators.

Introduction of a tax reducer which the Government is keen to promote and makes a positive impact in society as well as a hopefully positive financial return for your clients will turn clients and professional connections into advocates for your firm. An investment your client will want to talk about to others because they feel a greater sense of connection and pride, leading to growth in client referrals and retention.

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