5 things you should know about social impact investment

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Social impact investing is a way of investing into a company or fund to produce a defined, positive social outcome with the intention of a return on capital and a possibility of a yield over and above the principle. As a relatively recent development in the investment sector, we have collected 5 key messages we think you should know about social impact investment.

  1. Social impact investing (SII) is a groundbreaking entry into the financial services arena that matches the narrative of our times with significant potential to help generate a strong economic recovery and the prospects of long term growth.
  1. There is strong research evidence that a statistically significant proportion of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) will view social investment favourably when it is presented to them in a professional manner.
  1. Social investment has strong government backing, with cross party support, and a recently introduced Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR). There are already strong and successful products available so the sector will grow rapidly if it is included in client recommendations.
  1. Top level independent advisers and planners will want to fulfil their obligations following RDR and offer a full range of options. Including social impact investment will demonstrate both broad industry knowledge and the desire to meet all the expectations of High Net Worth clients.
  1. Worthstone is an impartial independent broker of research, policy-maker influence and information which offers provider neutral analysis and assessment of social impact investment products to support the due diligence process of wealth advisers.
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