What is social impact investment?

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Worthstone’s new document represents Britain on the global stage

A brief guide outlining: what it is, what it’s not and how it works.

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Worthstone teamed up with Cabinet Office, as part of the Britain is GREAT campaign, to produce this comprehensive guide to demystify social impact investment, a document designed to lead you and your client through the fast-changing landscape of social impact investment whilst explaining the theory behind it and its practical implications. We will do this by looking at:

  • The objectives of social impact investment
  • The structure of the UK market
  • What sets this way of investing apart.
  • Case studies aimed at providing you with a working knowledge of this new and growing financial market.


The majority of people would like to see at least some of their investments focused on producing a positive social outcome in society as well as a positive financial return. Social impact investment is turning this ambition into a reality for many, including your clients.