What is your profile?

Our research amongst over 250 financial advisers, reveals three main adviser profiles, each with their own reasons to introduce social impact investment advice to clients. Which profile are you? What is your firm’s profile?

Click the the profile that matches you best and see how you could benefit.

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Revenue driven  |  Client driven  |  Socially driven 

Firm profile

The profile of the firm with whom this is in focus are likely to demonstrate the following behaviours:

  • Thought leaders amongst their profession who continually challenge themselves to offer the best advice solutions in the interests of their clients and all their stakeholders (including society) over the short and longer term
  • Focused on the enablers of further growth of client relationships which can be served through wealth deployment
  • Action takers (not talkers) who seek to differentiate their practice’s ‘value proposition’ by listening for the mega-trends which re-calibrate clients thinking with regard to their big decisions in life and the impact for future generations
  • Actively seeking to bring their ‘values’ to life in the financial planning process and demonstrate through behaviour they truly believe the client is at the centre of their business thereby engendering deeper levels of trust.