Why Worthstone?

The following highlights demonstrate how Worthstone have established themselves as leader in the development of social impact investment for the retail investment market:


We provide 100% independent and impartial expert analysis with this service being funded by the community of subscribing advisers. We do not charge investment providers a fee for listing information on the site. Therefore the information is free from even the suggestion of provider influence. An independent, best in class investment committee oversees our process and independent product reviews, which aggregate vast and specialist experience across fund management, legal, tax and venture capital, owning and managing financial adviser/planning firms, delivering client advice and regulation.

Due diligence

Due diligence is becoming the big term in the financial planning world. Whilst we do not believe any system can undertake due diligence for you, you can rely on third parties such as Worthstone for factual information. The Social Investment Portal gives you the information you need to produce an initial shortlist of social investments on which to undertake your house due diligence.


We have built extensive and robust relationships with:

  • The accredited professional bodies
  • Sector organisations
  • The regulator
  • Government
  • Our Worthstone Founder Partners.


Worthstone produced two ground-breaking reports for the retail social investment market through co-authoring research alongside and published by Big Society Capital, City of London and Nesta (amongst others) which ultimately contributed to:

  1. A change to the Financial Services Bill ensuring the regulator recognises that investors may have social as well as financial goals
  2. The introduction of the Social Investment Tax Relief.

Exclusive access to the online hub:

  • Whole of market research zone from a single source
  • Detailed, independent product reviews
  • Ongoing reporting of social and financial outcome data
  • Database with dynamic and intuitive search functionality
  • Invites to structured CPD webinars
  • Reference library – compliance suite of notes and tools.

Member support

  • One presentation per annum to your professional connections or an internal training meeting
  • Invitation to subscribers to influence social investment market development at round-table focus group
  • Introductions to our network of influential professional connections
  • Invitations to adviser/client to build personal connections with the social projects.

Social impact investment in a box – journey tool kit

Social impact investment in a box is a tool kit for advisers to use with their clients, internal team and externally with professional connections. The toolkit makes it easy to start offering social investment as an advice option for the mainstream private client by providing an IT process, a client process, a regulation process and a training process. Currently the toolkit includes:

Access to the Social Investment Academy

The Social Investment Academy is the leading forum for retail social investment advisers, product providers and key market participants.

  • Networking opportunities amongst a wide range of professional connections
  • Sharing best practice in the sector
  • Access to thought leaders and key influencers in the field.

Regular Newsletter

A community that enables advisers to stay inside the information flow. Join the newsletter for regular updates in the right hand toolbar.

  • Market updates
  • Product announcements
  • Closing dates for closed ended funds opportunities
  • Forthcoming product launches
  • Legislation and compliance updates
  • PII updates
  • Forthcoming events.

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