Our story

Do you have the tools to go beyond ‘do no harm’? Can you prove it?

When a client says they want to do good with money, how do you make sure it happens?

Do you have the tools to go beyond ‘do no harm’?

And can you prove it?

That’s where we come in.

Investing for good should be easy, but it isn’t.

Since 2010 Worthstone has been on a mission to enable the intentional placement of capital where it’s needed. We bring consistency and transparency so Financial Planners can invest with better information and greater certainty.

Impact investment
means positive
outcomes for investor
and society.

We’re an awardwinning
purpose driven business
making impact
investing mainstream.

Proudly independent
and impartial, we offer
practical tools and
resources to support our
community of financial

“Before subscribing to Worthstone, if we wanted to find out if a fund incorporated any harmful activities, the process was longwinded and often unreliable.”

Nanette Strover, Director, Hubert Child