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ACT Graduate & NextGen IFA testimony on impact investing

Below we share a testimony from one of our ACT graduates – Peachy Dunne from Aqua IFA Ltd.

Peachy is a newly qualified IFA. She agreed to share her feedback on the Adviser Competency Training (ACT) for social investment manual, her experiences of finding out about social impact investing (SII), the shifting client views she’s noticed and how she sees SII as a key element shaping her future career as a financial adviser.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the manual and think it is excellent in many ways. From the structure and insightful content, it has really opened my eyes and given me faith in the industry. It has been the only study book I have ever enjoyed reading.

I have found the ACT manual to be a saving grace in a world with so many problems and I am really passionate about pursuing my career in this new direction and I know this will be so much easier with the support and research through Worthstone. Before finding Worthstone I was in turmoil about whether I should be in this industry, however, I think I have now found my calling in life.

Also, I have found a shift among our own client base recently (which is predominantly over 60) and found that a lot of our clients are not happy with our current position in the world, whether that is climate change, poverty or even loneliness, and when they receive new monies via a legacy or terminal bonus they have told me they do not need any more money and would rather put it to good use.

I now know this market is much larger than one might have thought, and I am passionate to spread the word and become an activist in revolutionizing the investment industry where we put the environment and people before profit. I believe we can all make a huge difference together and I am really looking forward to being a part of this movement.”

Peachy Dunne
Aqua IFA Ltd. | Financial Adviser (newly qualified)

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