The purpose of the Social Investment Portal 

The portal is an independent, impartial and expert online resource centre showcasing 100% independent product analysis, a service funded by the community of subscribing advisers. We provide customised product reviews in a format that supports the retail investment adviser’s advice process.

This helps the adviser to understand the unique risks in the delivery of the financial and social return and manage the client’s expectation appropriately. Due diligence is becoming the big term in the financial planning world. Whilst we do not believe any system can undertake due diligence for you, you can rely on third parties such as Worthstone for factual information.

The Social Investment Portal gives you the information you need to produce an initial shortlist of social investments on which to undertake your house due diligence. Our service mitigates the time challenge in this area of advice and the risk of not having access to the relevant impartial data to manage the due diligence process.

An independent, best in class investment committee oversees our process and  product reviews. Subscribe to become a Worthstone Partner for access to the portal or view our offering.

How it works

The portal is a user-friendly, searchable database that showcases a whole of market catalogue of social investment products that can be filtered depending on your client’s investment needs. It is designed to be the social investment expert in the office. The database displays:

  • An adviser review – a peer assessment rating of the product
  • A brief Worthstone product summary of the review
  • A Worthstone symoblised summary of:
      • Potential for growth
      • Income in term
      • Term
      • Charges
      • Fee transparency.