16 November | 0930 – 1530 | online event
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When a client says they want to do good with their money, how do you make sure it happens?

With the profile of sustainable investment growing significantly in recent years – a trend that only accelerated during the pandemic – clients are increasingly looking for ways to make their money do good.

But how do you know what good really looks like?

With terms such as sustainable, ethical and ESG used interchangeably, not to mention new funds launching and rebranding, the market is a minefield and it’s difficult for advisers to know what’s under the bonnet of each fund, and how they compare.

Bringing together more than 350 investment professionals including advisers, asset managers and market influencers, the 2021 Impact Investment Academy will help you to really understand what’s in a name.

Together with our expert panel and keynote speakers, we’ll unpick the greenwashing and arm advisers with the knowledge and tools to make sure that when clients think their money is doing good, it actually is. And because ESG screening only offers one lens for assessing a fund’s rating and may not answer all your client’s questions, we’ll show you how going beyond screening reveals the full picture.

Following the incredible success of last year’s star-studded event (The impact tide is rising), and with the intensifying spotlight on climate change as we head towards COP26, it’s clear that transformation in the impact investment market is needed if we’re to deliver real benefits for clients and society at large.

The 2021 Impact Investment Academy will help advisers know how to look under the label and find out once and for all… what’s in a name.

Join this unmissable event and leave knowing you can help your clients find the funds that truly align with their values.

Our headline speakers and expert panel will be announced soon but for those keen to secure tickets early, you can register here.

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About us

Worthstone is an independent B Corp. For a decade, we’ve been helping financial advisers walk the talk. Why? Because done right, impact investment means returns for everyone.

Through our pioneering Impact Portal, our comprehensive rating system examines all aspects of impact investment giving advisers the full picture so they can make sure their clients’ money is doing exactly what they’d intended.